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3 types of home glass that you need to know

double glazing companies – Glass is one of the home materials that will always exist, especially as the windows. However, these days the application of glass is expanding. The glass could also be used as the door, furniture, stairs railing, shower box, canopy, table top, and even as the wall panel materials. However, how to choose the right type of glass? Here are the 3 types of home glass that you need to know :

1. The clear glass

It’s also often to be called the plain glass, due to it’s colorless, flat, and has no distortion. That’s why it could generate the perfect reflection up to 90%. This type of glass is not recommended for the skyscraper due to its lack of resistance against the heat and sunlight. The thickness of clear glass are as follows : 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm. The thickness is chosen according to the size that’s going to be made. The bigger the size, it’s recommended to use the thicker one.

2. Tinted glass

This glass is often to be called the ray ban glass. In order to give it some colors, the plain glass is covered by the color layers that made of the mixture of metal. The ray ban glass capable of reducing the heat and sunlight up to 55%, so it will keep the temperature of the room to stay cool and protect the owner’s privacy inside the home.

3. Ice glass

This kind of glass has to texture one of its sides. This texture has been made when the glass mixture is being molded by roll with certain patterns. This kind of glass has the decorative effect and blur the reflection. besides that, due to its texture, the ice glass be able to reduce incoming sunlight so the room won’t be too dazzled. These days, many people prefer the ice glass sticker, instead of buying the real one. The ice glass sticker or the window film is cheaper and has the same effect. The Ice glass is often to be used as the interior such as partition, bathroom door, cabinet door, and shower box.