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Consuments of Oil

The United State is the world large’s oil consumer. Most people in the US using a private vehicle for daily activity. To satisfy people requirement, The US must provide 19 million barrel oil per day and it can more. Before we find out they cost for oil, we can go to check the crude oil prices first.

In 2015, demand oil from large countries is not like usual. Cina as second-world large’s oil consumer decreased demand. It makes crude oil supply excess. OPEC as controller oil supply wants to halt oil production in temporary because if it still going, can make the crude oil prices more crash. Many disadvantages when crude oil prices not in stable condition.

So, if American citizen consumes 19 million barrel oil per day, and 1 barrel is $45, it means they have to pay $855.000.000 for the oil in every day. you can check any predict about crude oil prices at